Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Október 13-én félnapos Plan4all zárótalálkozó Brüsszelben

Minapi postánkból. Corrado Iannucci EUROGI projektfelelős írja: 
" Dear all,
as you have been informed, the Plan4all project has entrusted EUROGI to prepare a book summarizing the results of the project. Among such results, there are the excellent workshops you have take care of in the past months.
A chapter is being devoted to describe such workshops. In order to do so, the reports you have submitted (in the context of the contract between your organization and EUROGI) will also be exploited. Depending on the content and format of each original report, such exploitation includes a variety of different features, from a paraphrased summary to an extended insertion of portions of your reports in this chapter. The cooperation of each EUROGI member is fully acknowledged (mentioning inter alia the URLs of your websites where your original reports are available).
The quality of the book is checked by both EUROGI and the Plan4all Consortium. The book will be printed on paper and available on the Internet, therefore it will provide a good visibility to your organizations. The book will be presented during the Plan4all Final Conference in Brussels in mid-October (all of you are warmly invited to attend such Conference; for details see http://www.plan4all.eu).
I take this opportunity to remind who has not yet submitted his invoice to do it as soon as possible: payments after the 15 October 2011 (the end of the project) are not allowed by the EC rules.
Thank to all of you for your kind and effective cooperation in convening the Plan4all workshops

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